“I have watched Annette’s development as an artist over many years. Because of her dedication and enthusiasm, her work has matured to a point where she has become a very fine watercolourist with an individual style and a looseness that only comes from many years of experience and practice. She is highly regarded as an art teacher and has helped many people to practice and enjoy watercolour. Annette’s teaching has given her self-assurance, which will propel her to become a great force in the world of watercolour.” Robert Lovett – Artist;

“My experience has shown that people who have mastered the vagarious nature of watercolour painting and who also have the ability to tutor others are few and far between. Annette Raff is one of these rare people. She is a master of the medium and as a student of hers I found that she was always willing to share with me its secrets and constantly encourage me to seek improvement in everything I produced and to take the opportunity to try something new and different.” Peter Seaward – Past President, Royal Queensland Art Society Gold Coast – Artist & Past student.

“Annette is one of the best art teachers that I have had and is always willing to impart her vast knowledge to her class.  She respects each student’s skills and style, guiding us in the most effective way. The most important thing I have learn’t from her is that simplicity will make your colour’s sing!” Atsuko Shima Artist & Past student.

“Annette  knows  not only her water colour and drawing techniques  very well, but also is able to convey her know how in a very effective and interesting way to her students in both her formal, structured weekend workshops and the informal weekly classes that I have attended over the past years. I benefited a lot from Annette’s tuition.” Andrew Chan Artist & Past student.

“I’ve been attending Annette’s watercolour class and have improved my abilities’ to an amazing degree in a relatively short time. I’ve found her painting demonstrations invaluable in learning better watercolour techniques. She is also very thoughtful with her constructive comments of my new paintings and she inspires you to push your talent to become a more professional artist. I can recommend her classes highly.” Sandra LadleyArtist & Current student.


“I have been attending classes and workshops with Annette for the last four years. She is an inspirational, experienced and talented teacher. Her classes are always well prepared and cover all aspects of working in watercolour. She is generous in sharing her knowledge and her classes are both educational and fun, whether you are a beginner or experienced artist.” Margaret Trewavas Artist & Current student.


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