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Painting Mountains in Watercolor


Tips ‘n’ Tricks (other video demonstrations)

These short step by step demonstration videos provide instruction on the basic techniques used when painting with watercolor. The techniques should be practiced before beginning the full painting lessons. View them online as many times as you wish as they are an ideal way to get you started with watercolor. Each technique is simply explained and demonstrated, step by step, and can be followed easily and paused or rewound as necessary. These short demonstrations have been designed to compliment the full painting lessons. Whether you are painting a landscape, buildings, flowers or still life, you will find that these watercolor tips ‘n’ tricks will be referred to throughout each of the lessons within each level.

Beaded Wash on Dry

This is a FREE three and a half minute step by step video demonstration on painting a watercolor wash onto dry paper. The term beadedwash means that the wash is carried down over dry paper with a very saturated brush, which results in a bead of color forming on the bottom edge of the wash. The brush is reloaded often and then touched back into this bead of color which is gently moved along and down the paper with the aid of gravity. This beaded wash watercolor technique is used when you wish to leave no brush marks or join marks and you want to achieve a flat affect.

Graduated Wash on Dry within a Shape

This short video demonstration runs for just over three minutes. It clearly demonstrates how to paint a graduated wash on dry paper. A graduated wash (sometimes referred to as a graded wash) is a wash of colour that goes from darker to lighter or vice versa. In this step by step video I will paint a strip of ocean in part of a seascape painting. I will lighten the wash gradually, by beginning the with a middle value blue color and then adding water as I go. This watercolor technique adds interest to an otherwise boring flat shape. It can also be used to give form to an object. This technique will take practice to learn how to adjust the graduation effect to your liking. It can be a gentle lightening effect, changing the value just one or two shades darker, or a more dramatic change if desired.

Graduated Wash on Wet

This four minute video gives clear and easy to follow steps to achieving a graduated wash on wet paper. This is a basic watercolor technique beginners can easily learn that will help achieve a lovely soft graduated effect. In this step by step demonstration I will paint the sky area in a seascape painting. The graduated effect can be achieved by wetting the sky area first with clear water before applying the color. As the color touches the wet paper it spreads and disperses giving a lovely soft effect. Precise timing is important with this watercolor technique, as if the paper begins to dry you may not get the results you want.

All About Masking Fluid

This 5 minute video demonstration will tell you all you need to know about using masking fluid in watercolor painting. It will show you handy tips about how to avoid ruining your brushes. Masking fluid is a handy tool used to reserve highlights, but needs to be handled carefully.

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