Pouring Watercolor – Stunning!

Hi all,

Just wanted to share a work painted by one of the student’s from my recent “Pouring Watercolor” Course with Artists Network University.  This painting exemplifies the transparent nature of pigment and water.  The transparency and luminosity in this work is stunning!  In the Pouring in Watercolor Course we begin by learning to simplify our subject into just 4 values. Using masking fluid to reserve each value, we pour pure transparent primary colors that are encouraged to mingle a little on the paper.  Layer by layer the painting is built up.  This results in a beautifully simple and fresh painting.   The unexpected color mixes are unique and exciting.   I hope you enjoy viewing it.

Painting by Elisabeth Macy, Lancaster, CA
Painting by Elisabeth Macy, Lancaster, CA
Produced using the Watercolor Pouring technique as taught in the online course at Artists Network University

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